Commercial Pre-press Consumables


SupaStar Thermal Digital Plates  

These high quality Thermal CtP plates. manufactured in Europe have an excellent combination of sensitivity, no pre-heat requirement, wide exposure/processing latitude producing consistency and quality. They have an unbaked run length of up to 120 000 impressions, depending on press conditions, job content and paper and ink quality, when used with metallic and hybrid inks, baking is strongly recommended. Post baking run lenth is up to and above 1 million impressions. 


William Over Photographic have a large selection of HN and IR film available suitable for most imagesetters that are of the highest quality that will help any originator to produce excellent work for the conventional commercial printer, screen printers and flexographic printers.


Alongside our film selection we have a selection of the highest quality Fixers and Developers for use in film processors for the commercial printer.


Energy Developer for Thermal Digital Plates 

Sold alongside our thermal digital plates is our Energy Developer, suitable for use with most Thermal Digital Plates and can be used in most CtP’s.                                                                                                                


William Over Photographic represents MacDermid Printing plates for the Flexographic industry. We are able to supply all thicknesses of plate for Solvent wash out systems and also Digital CtP Plates if these are required.


For solvent processing, SOLVIT® QD from MacDermid is recommended. Digital MVP can be processed in either solvent or thermal systems. Processing times for any particular job are determined by equipment, copy requirements, and plate thickness.

Clear Base

Specifically for Graphic layout of negative and positive films, we have a fantastic range of Policrom Polifoil Clear (Clearbase) available in 100mic thickness to assist you with your page arrangements or other projects involving film.