Newspaper Pre Press Equipment

Agfa Advantage N

William Over Photographic is proud to be associated with Agfa on their Agfa Advantage News – Semi Automatic, and have been instrumental in two installations in Zimbabwe so far. This machine is capable of throughputs of +/- 75 plates per hour and is perfect for your medium printers in the Newspaper industry. Incorporating a violet laser and Chemistry Free plates the Advantage is truly an advantage to any newspaper.


: ELANTRIX St 95ex - St 125ex

The Elantrix range of stackers is suitable for both Commercial and Newspaper applications and can support the smallest to the largest plate formats. They feature a Robust Design, simple operation and service, are suitable for 4-up and 8up applications and have a fixed Collection Table.

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Automated Plate Bending

William Over Photographic is able to supply our Newspaper clients with the top of the range in automated plate bending and punching equipment to ensure perfect registration every time.

Epson Proofing

For more information on the Epson range of Proofers and a personal assessment and quote.

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