Newspaper Pre-Press Software

Editorial Workflow

NewsPress is a web-based workflow solution designed by Layout specifically for newspapers and magazines. Its ability to automate the production process by combining editorial and production stages makes it an essential tool for publications. In today’s highly competitive market, NewsPress is a cost-effective, time-saving solution for managing your publication easily and efficiently.

With its multi-lingual interface including Arabic, English and French, it guarantees the transfer of useful information across different departments and between all relevant personnel. From creation up until printing and archiving, NewsPress organizes the complete editing cycle.

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Production Workflow

Specifically for the Newspaper industry: Arkitex Essentials offers convenience paired with efficiency. Accompanying the Advantage N range of Newspaper CtP systems, :Arkitex Essentials is a simple to use and powerful workflow solution that matches the ease and convenience of the Agfa Graphics CtP Familiy.

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